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José Antonio González Alcantud, guest Labexmed in the Idemec

José Antonio González Alcantud, Professor of social anthropology at the University of Granada, worked on Andalusian grounds since 1982 and on Morocco since 2001. His themes of preference are the political anthropology, the anthropology of the art, the visual anthropology and the field of the "Orientalist" studies, about whom he published numerous works and articles, in particular moro Lo. Tired lógicas of the derrota the formación del estereotipo islámico ( 2002 ), translated into French in 2007 and published by the publisher Archangel Minotaur under the title The Moor of Andalusia, and more recently El mito of al-Ándalus (2014). His work in this domain is characterized by the articulation of the cultural anthropology and the history(story).
Date the stay : in February-March, 2016
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