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Gitans, Tziganes, Gens du Voyage : le droit de vivre. Les rushes - Entretien avec Lick (2015)

Ethnographic archive documentary

Direction : Eric Pons, Roland Cottet
Production : Idemec, Roland Cottet
Original idea : Marc Bordigoni
Screenplay and post-production : Eric Pons
Photography and sound director : Roland Cottet
Length : 26 minutes
Language : French

This documentary, post-produced by the Idemec, is an editing version of the Roland Cottet’s rushes of the movie "Gitans, Tziganes, Gens du Voyage : le droit de vivre" (2004). Post-produced with Roland Cottet’s authorization, it is a part of documentaries serie entitled "Gitans, Tziganes, Gens du Voyage : le droit de vivre. Les rushes", which gathers by theme Roland cottet’s rushes of the original movie.

This movie must only be considered as an ethnographic archive.

On November 15, 2003, Lick Dubois, said Lick, Sinto musician, singer, poet and writer, has been awarded by the 2004 Romanès prize for his book "Scènes de la vie manouche". After the award ceremony, Lick has been interviewed by Roland Cottet. Then, he evokes his youth, the beginnings and the sources of his artistic career, his settlement and his friendship with the sculptor and writer Gérard Gartner. It is also an opportunity for him to talk about the different european Gypsies groups, as well as the director, actor and screenwriter Tony Gatlif, and more generally about the cinema about Gypsies.


Persons who appear on the movie have given authorization to Roland Cottet for a free use of photography and sounds.

This movie is an archive documentary, posted online with Roland Cottet’s authorization. Authorization for using pictures or sounds from this film must prior have been ask to the Idemec and Roland Cottet and accepted from them.

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