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Jean Solda, berger (2000)

Ethnographic documentary

Direction : Dionigi Albera, Jean-François Robert
Production : IDEMEC
Length : 15 minutes
Language : French

For centuries, some shepherds and their flocks have moved according to the season from the alpine valleys to the plains of Provence, occupying various pastures. Jean Solda is an emblematic figure of those shepherds living in a perpetual travel between Alps and southern Provence. Through his memories which sometimes date back to the 1930s, he describes, sometimes in french and sometimes in provençal, the hardness of the shepherd’s job and gives us away a family history oscillating between the plains of Aubagne, the Crau, and the Italian Piemonte.
Encountering Bernard Cesano, another emblematic shepherd, the two men spontaneously evoke a shared expertise and experience field. They both note changes of a territory, yesterday dedicated to their profession, nowadays partially occupied by intensive farming and industry.

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