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Abraham à Hébron - Lieux saints partagés (2015)

Ethnographic documentary

Direction : Manoël Pénicaud
Production : Mucem / Idemec
Length : 4 minutes 34
Language : French

Abstract (French) :

es tensions les plus vives du conflit israélo-palestinien.
Abraham is seen as the father of the three monotheistic faiths. Numerous links between the "People of the Book", to use the Qur’anic expression, have formed around this common ancestor. He was the first to make an alliance with God by accepting the sacrifice of his son: Isaac for the Jews and Christians, Ishmael for the Muslims. Abraham was also the first pilgrim. Obeying the command of God, he left his own country to go to the Promised Land. Muslims regard him as the man who built the Ka’bah in Mecca.

This documentary has been made for the exhibition Lieux saints partagés at the Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée (Mucem) in Marseille, april-august 2015.

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