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Angela’s house (2010)

Ethnographic documentary

Direction : Dionigi Albera, Olfa Chakroun
Production : Propaganda Production
Length : 26 minutes
Language : French or English (OL with subtitles)

La Goulette, an ancient port of Tunis, is a cosmopolitan place where Muslims, Jews and Christians have always cohabited peacefully since the Nineteenth century. After Tunisia’s attainment of independence (1956), Italians, French, Jews and Maltese gradually left. Nevertheless, very few of them decided to stay on.

Nowadays, with the new urban planning dedicated to high standing and tourism buildings, demolitions have upset the past conditions and way of life of the popular classes of La Goulette.

This documentary, firstly displayed at the Journées cinématographiques de Carthage, presents Angela, a Tunisian woman of Sicilian origin, naturalized French, born in La Goulette in 1936. Her family house will be demolished, but she is still staying in it, waiting to move to her new apartment. The words tell the story of her family for several generations, the memories of an old way of life, and the inexorable city’s process of transformation.

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