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FOURNIER Laurent Sébastien

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Associate Professor (Professor, UCA )

UFR Lettres Arts et Sciences Humaines (LASH)]

Current researches

- Anthropology of Europe
- Anthropologie of traditional games, international diffusion of games and sports
- Anthropology of feasts and rites, revitalizations and social transformations
- Valorization of intangible cultural heritage, méthodologies of inventory, impacts of the UNESCO policy on cultural practices
- Inventory of traditional games in France(


- PhD students supervision (HDR)
- Courses of Undergraduate degree in anthropology : anthropology of European societies, professional practices of the anthropology, anthropology of heritage, economic anthropology, anthropology of games and sports, introduction to anthropology.


- See/Download a recent bibliography :

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Recent works (2014-2015)

- Published books :

Les langages de la communication rituelle en Europe, Cluj-Napoca, Kriza János Néprajzi Társaság (2016)

Les jeux et les sports populaires de France. Arnold Van Gennep. Textes inédits (2015)

Les jeux collectifs en Europe. Transformations historiques

Mêlée générale - Du jeu de soule au folk-football

Other activities

- Member of the Executive Board of the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore
- Secretary of the F.E.R. - Eurethno network.