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Mélissa Blanchard est actuellement bousière Marie Sklodowska-Curie 2019-2021 au département Culture, Politique et Société de l’Université de Turin, Italie

Superviseur : Pr. Pier Paolo Viazzo

Son proje,Marie Curie : RETHEIR à comme titre : The return of the heirs

Abstract :

This project aims at carrying out a comparative, multi-generational and interdisciplinary analysis of European emigrants’ descendants’ “return” from Chile to Spain and Italy. Italian and Spanish legislation and return programmes give a preferential right to entry and to nationality acquisition to foreign citizens of emigrant descent. These legal frameworks generate massive migrations that can be called the “return of the heirs” - as those who “come back” have inherited a privileged legal status, based on the “legal myth” of ethnically motivated return migration. Almost invisible in research and in the public sphere, these migrations raise urgent issues regarding European identity, citizenship, belonging and family heritage. Indeed, an unquestioned gap between the right to enter and the right to return to European countries informs present-day policies, as more and more countries base their nationality laws on jus sanguinis, giving family inheritance a central role in access to citizenship rights. This programme aims to answer this research question : how is belonging transmitted and re-created in families of emigrant descent and how is it linked to the changing nationality and return laws of the countries their ancestors came from ? Its objective is to identify and compare different patterns of belonging production and transmission in families of emigrant descent, with regard to gender, nationhood, ethnicity, regional identity and law.

Recherches actuelles

- Femmes migrantes
- Migrations de retour
- Mobilité spatiale et entrepreneuriat
- Mobilisations sociales pour les biens communs


- France
- Italie
- Sénégal
- Chili


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Bibliographie M. Blanchard (02/2016)

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Pellegrini del nuovo millennio. Aspetti economici et politici delle mobilità religiose (2015)