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The first annual apply awards, Prague 2021 Un étudiant Idemec Lauréat du réseau EASA pour l’anthropologie appliquée

The first annual apply awards, Prague 2021 Un étudiant Idemec Lauréat du réseau EASA pour l'anthropologie appliquée

Gabriele ORLANDI - doctorant Idemec et membre d’un groupe de recherche auquel il participe dans le cadre de son doctorat - a été un des lauréats du réseau EASA pour l’anthropologie appliquée


he Second prize goes to ‘Montagne in Movimento’ by Aspire Lab. Aspire Lab is an Italian informal research group that recognises the capacity to aspire as a fundamental element in nurturing democratic processes. Aspire Lab brings together young scholars and professionals in the fields of anthropology, social research, education, art and design. The ‘Moving mountain’ project highlights how Italian marginalized communities (both among rural and urban populations) often experience an incapacity to assert a positive self-identity as well as to imagine a positive future. If in the Renaissance Italian comuni constituted an important framework for citizen involvement – the project description states – the current polity and institutional structure tends to obliterate direct democracy in the making of everyday policies. The project employs collective ethnography and action-research to engage people in cooperative and reflexive processes. The aim is to collect varied local experiences and engage people in participatory processes and self-perception. Together these stimulate broader citizen involvement and develop a common vision toward a sustainable and just future. The project is exciting in its experimental methodology and inspiring in its determination to introduce change. The project also benefits from an impressive, rapidly profilerating collaborative network across the Northern Italian Mountain region. The project mobilizes anthropological insights on participation, decision-making and a sense of belonging to engage with themes that have global relevance. Congratulations to Aspire Lab – we look forward to following the unfolding of the Montagne in Movimento project !

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