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Cade sap (1992)

Directed by : Annie-Hélène Dufour, Jean-François Robert
Year : 1992
Production : Laboratoire d’ethnologie méditerranéen et comparative (URA1346 - CNRS/Université de Provence), DRAC PACA
Duration : 26 minutes
Language : French

estoration, digitisation Eric PONS, IDEMEC, CNRS 2020

The forest massifs were largely exploited by the Provencal until the middle of the 20th century. Sources of raw materials transformed on site, they have long supplied wood to the coal producers, stones and fuel to the lime producers and juniper (cade) to the cadiers. While these low-paying activities have often been the work of professionals of modest conditions, they have also been a source of complementary or seasonal income for many families.

Mainly used by shepherds for its repellent, antiseptic and healing properties, cade oil was extracted by burning juniper wood or cade. In 1991, on the property of the Comte d’Estienne d’Orves located in the commune of Évenos (Var), a team of archaeologists, assisted by former cadiers, undertook the reconstruction of a cade furnace and the experimental extraction of cade oil. The documentary, filmed on the occasion of this work, evokes the reality of an activity that resurfaces from the recent past through the testimonies of some of the last actors of this practice.
Restoration, digitisation Eric PONS, IDEMEC, CNRS 2020