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From hand to dough. Pasta by hand in Ubaye (1993)

Directed by : Danielle Musset, Jean-François Robert
Year : 1993
Production : Conservatoire ethnologique de Salagon, CRIS, DRAC PACA, Laboratoire d’ethnologie méditerranéen et comparative (URA1346-CNRS/Université de Provence), Ville d’Aix-en-Provence

Duration : 20 minutes
Language : French

Restoration : Eric Pons, Idemec, CNRS 2020

Located in the extreme north of the Alpine Haute-Provence, bordered by the Italian Piedmont to the east and the former Dauphiné to the north, the Ubaye Valley has always been a meeting place for the people from these three regions. It has inherited many traditions and know-how that its inhabitants have adapted and preserved throughout its history. Thus, the production of fresh pasta has long marked the culinary culture of the Ubaye Valley.

Through this documentary made in the 1980s, the authors highlight the old practices and know-how related to the manufacture and consumption of pasta in this region.

Restoration : Eric Pons,Idemec, CNRS 2020