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Chercheuse invitée LabexMed à l’IDEMEC du 1er au 18 décembre 2018
Professeur d’Anthropologie de l’ Université de Sao Paulo

Université de Sao Paulo, Brésil


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2017 – “Jerusalem, the Diaspora and the Jewish Home : The Transfer of the Axis Mundi in Contemporary Judaism – The Case of Sao Paulo” em Yaron Harel, Margalit Bejarano, Marta Topel, Margalit Yosifon (eds.). Jews and Jewish Identities in Latin America : Historical, Cultural, and Literary Perspective. New York : Academic Studies Press.

2017 - “The Brazilian Jewish communities : globalization and glocalization” in

Cristina Maria de Castro & Andrew Dawson (orgs.). Religion, Globalization and Migration : The Brazilian Experience. Routledge.

2016 – “Judaism revivals in Brazil” in Cristian Schmidt & Steven Engler (eds). Brill Handbooks on Contemporary Religion.

2015 – “Secularismo e religião em Israel” em Humanismo Judaico na Literatura, na História e na Ciência, vol. III. Rio de Janeiro : Jaguatirica, 2015.

2015 – “Terra prometida, exílio e diáspora : apontamentos e reflexões sobre o caso judeu” in Horizontes Antropológicos, 43.

Marta F. Topel has published two books which were translated to English

1 (2008) Jerusalem and Sao Paulo : The New Jewish Orthodoxy in Focus. New York : University Press of America.

2 (2012) Jewish Orthodoxy and its Discontents : Religious Dissidence in Contemporary Israel. New York : University Press of America, 2012

During her stay in the University of Aix-en-Provence, on December 3 Marta Topel will deliver the lecture “Where is home ? The transfer of the axis mundi in contemporary Judaism, an analysis of the case of Sao Paulo".

On December 6, she will meet with the postdocs of Labemed share with tthem her experiences as how Jewish Studies are organized in Brazilian Academy, stressing the activities of the Programs and the Center for Jewish Studies of the University of São Paulo.

On December 13, with Dr. Cyril Isnart, Topel will present the Journal issue of Lusotopie which is being organized by both.

Finally, in her stay in Aix, Topel will do some library fieldwork focused on Jewish from Iberic origins.