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Inter laboratories Seminar of social and cultural anthropology

Inter laboratories Seminar of social and cultural anthropology

This seminar is jointly organized by the research laboratories associated in teaching of MA degree within the Department of Anthropology of the Aix-Marseille University. It consists in a thematic serie of two annual sessions which take alternately place in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille.
Each year, it offers to students a comparative reflection on a major theme of contemporary anthropology. The treatment of the annual theme involves ethnographic experiences from each of the cultural areas covered by the laboratories involved (Africa, Asia, South East, Europa-Mediterranean, Creole and mestizo worlds, Oceania). Composed with communications of senior researchers, belonging to organizing teams or invited persons, sessions may involve advanced doctoral students in their work aswell.
This organization aims to strengthen comparative knowledge of students, to decrease the partitioning of cultural areas and teams, to promote mutual knowledge of people and work, for both students and researchers-teachers and therefore a scientific emulation which benefits to the MA renown.

These meetings are free and open access to all (researchers, students, audience, etc.). All Master students (MA) of the Department must be present to all the sessions of this seminar.

The theme for the 2015-2016 academic year is: " La sexualité mise à nue ".

Previous years themes :

- 2010-2011 : " Sorcellerie "
- 2011-2012 : " Une petite rébellion de temps en temps. Divergences temporelles et drames sociaux "

PDF - 52.4 kb
Rébellion (2011-2012)

- 2012-2013 : " L’anonymat. Un objet qui ne dit pas son nom "
- 2013-2014 : " Prise et emprise des drogues. Les sociétés observées dans leurs substances "

PDF - 622.8 kb
Prise et emprise des drogues (2013-2014)

- 2014-2015 : " Plus belle la mort. Comment les morts façonnent les sociétés ".

PDF - 405.9 kb
Plus belle la mort - 2015