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13e congrés de la SIEF 2017 : Göttingen, Germany

Du 26 au 30 Mars 2017
Göttingen, Germany

Ways of Dwelling: Crisis - Craft - Creativity

The 13th international SIEF congress will take place in Göttingen, 26-30 March 2017. For this first SIEF congress in Germany, we expect 800 ethnologists, folklorists, anthropologists and researchers from related fields for four days of stimulating keynotes, parallel panels, poster sessions, audiovisual presentations, events, and a book exhibit. The congress opens up to investigation the myriad ways of dwelling. We invite delegates to join this conversation, deepen it fruitfully for our disciplines and explore cooperation with areas of practice and art, present their research, listen, debate, and work out differences, hatch projects, cultivate friendships, and move our fields forwards.

- Véronique Dassié (IDEMEC CNRS Aix Marseille University) : Between design and museal projects: intimate memories shared with the ethnographer

- Ghislaine Gallenga (IDEMEC Aix Marseille University CNRS ) : Travailler chez soi ou habiter son travail. La mixité des sphères domestiques et professionnelles

- Laurent Fournier (IDEMEC- Aix Marseille University - CNRS)
The spatial structures of European urban festive rituals

- Cyril Isnart (IDEMEC CNRS Aix Marseille University) : Ambivalence as re-enchantement: heritage, spirituality and intimacy in Lisbon

- Karine Michel (IDEMEC, MMSH, Aix-en-Provence) The Monument of the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin as an example of differentiated imaginations, symbolism and conflicts of memorialization