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Axis 2 - Religious Dynamics (Dynamiques religieuses)

Leaders : André Julliard, Christophe Pons


This axis contains several thematics of the previous four-years research program axis "Confrontations, croisements et passages dans les phénomènes religieux" ("Confrontations, crossings and passages in religious phenomena"). Contemporary pilgrimages in Euro-Mediterranean area are watched in relation with political and economic phenomenons used by these religious events, and also in relation to situations of religious mixity between Islam, Judaism and Christianism that occurs in many shrines. A comparative work focusing on Islam and Judaism, examines the mirrored uses which are in action through different practices (food, rites of passage, rules of purity ...). Another group of researches study the ways and the consequences of the expansion of the evangelical protestantism in different geographical contexts.

For more informations about this axis, download its complete presentation (abstract from 2012-2017 scientific project; in french; 7 pages) :

PDF - 103.6 kb
Dynamiques religieuses (2012-2017)