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Séminaire de l’IDEMEC

Séminaire de l'IDEMEC

Vendredi 2 juin 2017
13:30 - 15:30 MMSH, Aix en Provence, Salle 001

Intervenante : Sofia Sampaio

"Behind the camera, beyond the archive : (after) thoughts on a research project"

Industry-oriented concerns have dominated research on the links between tourism and cinema, especially in so-called ‘film-induced tourism’ studies. Working from a humanities and social sciences perspective, I have formulated a different set of questions, which regards tourism and cinema as two distinct but often-interconnected social fields. I am interested, for instance, in how cinema and tourism have historically overlapped, especially before the 1980s ; how they can be defined as a set of discourses but also as a set of practices that can be sociologically and ethnographically described and understood ; and how they have converged or diverged in their relations towards the state and the market. These questions informed an interdisciplinary research project that I coordinated between April 2014 and September 2015, which is the main object of my talk. Called ‘Behind the camera : practices of visuality and mobility in the Portuguese tourist film’ (EXPL/IVC-ANT/1706/2013), this project focused on the non-fictional film collection of the ANIM – the National Archive of the Moving Images of the Portuguese Film Museum, which had received little scholarly attention, to learn more about the filmmaking and touristic practices developed in Portugal between 1910 and 1980. I will discuss the project’s major theoretical and methodological premises, its implementation and final results. How to move from here and continue to use moving images for research purposes is another question I wish to raise.

Sofia Sampaio, PhD in Cultural Studies, is a Senior Researcher of the Centre for Research in Anthropology (CRIA), at the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), where she is a member of the research group ‘Practices and Politics of Culture’. She was Principal Investigator of the research project ‘Behind the camera : Practices of visuality and mobility in the Portuguese tourist film’ (EXPL/IVC-ANT/1706/2013), funded by the Portuguese national funding agency for science, research and technology (FCT/MCTES). Sofia has published widely, in national and international journals, such as Textual Practice ; Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change ; Tourist Studies ; Culture Unbound ; Etnográfica ; Análise Social ; Aniki : Revista Portuguesa da Imagem e Movimento, among others. Her research combines film studies, archival work and anthropological approaches to tourism and cinema. Her current project is called ‘Exploring tourist and filmmaking practices through Portuguese non-fiction film : from the early travelogue to the tourism promotional film (1910-1980)’ (IF/00313/2013).