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Research at the IDEMEC


The research activity of the IDEMEC is defined by a multi-years scientific project contract (previously four-years). The actual program is for 2012-2017.
The scientific objectives of this five-years contract is in continuity with the epistemological and methodological choices that the unit has consolidated over the years. From a general point of view, the IDEMEC’s research tries to keep a strong ethnographic approach and gives a great place to the comparative work. These ethnographic investigations and comparative reasoning try to study the dynamism of crossing, contact, transfer phenomena, as opposition and conflict between cultures and societies.
The Mediterranean is the main working area of the IDEMEC. This area is seen as a "laboratory" in which it is possible to ask a set of questions of a more global interest. Indeed, in this area, the strong identities, mixing and exchanges exist with strong contrasts and antagonisms. The anthropological research conducted in this context provides us some significant informations to think the contemporary world in both dynamic and rigorous ways.

A program built into four axes, one workshop and a pole

Our research is divided into four axis. One workshop (initially two), which try to conduct preliminary investigations in some themes that could possibly thereafter be structured as real research axis or answer to funding programmes, complete our organization of the research. A pole coordinates the museums activity of the IDEMEC.