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Reframing the History of Family and Kinship :...

D. Albera, L. Lorenzetti, J. Mathieu (eds.)
Over the past few years, the cross-disciplinary field of research devoted to family and kinship history in Europe has seen the emergence of an important stream of studies developing wide-range comparative perspectives on great spaces and long periods. Their hypotheses and interpretative models differ somewhat regard of the factors taken
into account, and of the underlying logic identified for these processes. The first part of this volume present a broad discussion of these recent developments. The chapters in the second part have an alpine focus and are dealing more or less directly with the theoretical framework proposed by Dionigi Albera’s book, Au fil de generations. The contributions to the third part of the book are further opening up the field. They leave the alpine terrain and are dedicated to some European contexts, with approaches that are generally influenced by the experience of Albera’s analysis of Alpine Europe.

Peter Lang
Bern, 2016. 268 pp.
Population, Famille et Société /
Population, Family, and Society. Vol. 25
ISBN 978-3-0343-2127-3